Whats happening to the generation before me!?

October 13, 2009

OKAY!!!!!!!!!! So this blog has been sparked by a conversation I had on AIM with the lovely Casey Jane.  We were discussing how much of a gap there is between us and the generation before us.  The internetz is destroying the minds of all those born in 1994 and after!

Seriously.  When I was a Freshman in highschool, I had the internet.  But it wasn’t THAT big of a deal.  Talked to friends on AIM occasionally, played some Everquest, but the internet wasn’t a place of social activity.  At least, any social activity that took place was pretty underground, or to me anyway.  But now, social networking seems to be the only social interaction kids are getting.  I feel that instead of going out on a weekend, 15 year old Jane Doe will stay in and go live on stickam where boys here age, and creepy old men will feed her ego and make her part of something bigger then she may even understand.  With people becoming “internet famous” due to sites like 4chan(rules 1 and 2 stfu) and Youtube, there is no need to interact with a person face to face to get to know them.  Kids are turning to the internet to find love and emotional satisfaction (or even sexual satisfaction).  They are missing out on an important thing ,called real life (teh RLz for short).

So what does this all mean?  I believe that the way things are going now, we are headed for a group of kids bred to be socially stunted, not knowing how to interact with one another unless behind the guise of a keyboard and computer monitor.  But if this is becoming the new social standard, what does it matter?  Will face to face social interactions be a thing of the past?  Will this new form of communication become the norm?  I certainly hope not.  Please leave your thoughts, arguments, praise, or phone number (if you are a cute girl) in the comments section so we can discuss!


A rant on Kanye West…

September 29, 2009

I was thinking today about all the heat on Kanye West….I have a few thoughts and concerns about this issue.  First, I’d like to address the issue with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Everyone feels oh so terrible for Taylor Swift.  I think Katy Perry referred to her as a kitten getting stepped on.  My mom (and a few of her co-workers) made comments saying how young and innocent she is, and how it was so mean of Kanye to interrupt her and put her on the spot like that.  Well, I’d just like to give a big STFU to all Taylor Swift sympathizers.  Don’t worry, I’m not as big of a “monster” as Mr. West is.  Think about though, Taylor Swift is making millions right now.  And for what?  Because she can sing well.  I know plenty of people who can sing well, and let me tell you, Taylor Swift is no diamond in the rough.  I’m not doubting her talents, she is a talented singer.  But come on!  She sounds like everyone else being played on the radio today, and yester-year.  She doesn’t impress me.  So her public humiliation by Kanye West, I look at it as….her hard work to earn the payment she is receiving.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown?? How is he relevant in any of this??  EXACTLY!!! Because everyone is so busy hating Kanye, that they forgot Chris Brown beat the living hell out of Rihanna a few months ago…yet…Kanye is this terrible person.  NO! THINK OF WHO THE REAL EVIL MEN ARE OUT THERE IN HOLLYWOOD!!! I’m sure when Chris Brown makes his re-entrance into the spotlight, everyone will be too busy bitching about another one of Kanye’s live television outbursts, or how insincere he seemed on Jay Leno, to even think about the horrible act Brown committed.  Want to be mad at someone in Hollywood..why not Chris Brown?! Or T.I.?!

President Obama

This brings me great Lulz and joy.  I’m sure you have all heard that he, and I quote, called Kanye West a “Jackass”.  What I don’t get, many of the Kanye bashers turned around and said Obama was wrong for saying this…WHAT?!  Who cares if he’s the President.  He has an opinion too, and if yo happen to agree with him, why are you angry at him?!  He didn’t even make this comment on camera.  So President Clinton got his dick sucked by an intern.  Bush Jr. drug us into a war about..umm…stuff?  But Obama said jackass, what a terrible person he is.  STFU!

The Economy

If you think about it, Kanye West helped our economy by insulting Taylor Swift the way he did.  How?  Internetz ad revenue!  The creation of Imaletyoufinish.com and the millions of Youtube hits and Google searches means more money for advertising companies.  Thanks Kanye for your contributions to the rebuilding of the American economy

In Summary….

The whole VMA incident was hilarious.  Not as hilarious as the “George Bush hates Black people” incident.  But real close to it.  For the people who hate him, it gave you guys something to talk about at work by the cooler and in the break room.  Be grateful for the conversational piece Mr. West gave you to help better your social interactivity skills.  For those of you who loved the whole outburst, cheers to you.  You probably agree with my feelings on the situation.  I think what Kanye did was a necessary move for his career, and Swift’s as well.  Both of them got media attention for it.  I’m sure Swift got a few sympathy fans from it all too.  After Kanye’s last album, he needs all the media attention he can get.  And yes, I know I’m a few weeks late, and everyone is already done talking about it, but..

“Yo, I’m real happy for you, and Ima let you finish..but Live Journal is the best way to express ideas on the internet of all time…OF ALL TIME”

Oh Kanye…


First post

September 27, 2009

Well, this is my first post here.  I wasn’t sure what to blog about as this is my first blog, and I decided, why not tell you about myself, from beginning to end.  I’ll be sectioning off each part of my life to make it easy to follow.  Here it goes…

The Island Years

I was born in Long Beach Island, New Jersey to Donald and Mary Buskirk on October 31, 1987.  My father was previously married and had two sons and a daughter.  My mother was also previously married and had one son, Todd.  He is the only one I consider my brother.  He lived with us.  I don’t have many memories from LBI because I only lived there until I was five.  I lived in an upstairs apartment right next to the bay and across the street from a playground.  My neighbors included, Dan and Milly (or Moley as I called her due to my speech impediment I had as a child), Nelly, and the Wainrights.   I think my most memorable time spent on LBI was my first year I went out trick or treating.  The entire island was flooded and trick or treating was actually canceled.  But my dad wasn’t going to let a flood (and canceled Halloween) ruin my first trick or treating experience.  So we set out through the flood in our Captain Hook and Schmed costumes, and went down the block.  It was an excellent Halloween/birthday.  Other memorable times for me while living on Long Beach Island- my first snow, getting hit by a large wave, shark sightings, sneaking in the living room while my brother was watching Terminator 2, and using the outside shower in the summertime.

From the beach, to the woods

When I was five, my parents decided to relocate.  My dad worked at Oakcrest and Absegami highschool which was over an hour drive for him.  It seemed silly to stay there.  We rented out a house in a town called Green Bank.  It was very old, a little under one hundred years old when we moved into it.  It was located directly next door to Green Bank Elementary, the school which I would attend.  My neighbor there was someone else who had just moved there as well, Kevin Ford.  He had a daughter named Christel.  I guess Christel was my first little kid girlfriend.  Little kid girlfriends don’t count as real girlfriends as everyone knows, but its still noteworthy!  I remember she told me she wanted to french kiss me, in which we would lick each others tongues.  I was not all about it. I started school when I was six.  We were the biggest class in the school at the time weighing in at 20 kids.  The kindergarten teacher that year was brand new, and we were her first class!  Mrs. Gregory, she was so nice.  I made a few friends including Brian, Alyssa, Amber, and Ashley. In 5th grade, I moved down the street to a house we owned.  We bought it form my grandma, and my dad fully rebuilt it adding on a second story, and a two car garage.

The Geek Years

I guess I became recognized as the geek when I was in 4th or 5th grade.  I got picked on for being skinny and having glasses.  I did have kind of big goofy looking glasses.  I would wear button up shirts, and button every single button to the top button.  I tucked my shirts into my pants.  I had a comb over.  I didn’t play sports like the other boys.  At recess, all the guys would play football, and I would hang out with the girls and pimp it.  Not really. But I did hang out with them.  I know, if you don’t know me you are probably thinking I turned out to be gay, not at all.  Anyways, from this time until about seventh grade, I was picked on alot.  I used to get beat up on the bus, and kids would call me names like fag and queer.  This on top of my love for videogames, pokemon, and lack of any girl actually liking me, added up to me being the class geek.

The Journey to Pallet Town…

So, I mentioned that I had a love for Pokemon.  I guess it was 6th grade or so that I got into the Pokemon trading card game. My friend Amber had bought the starter deck kit (with the Holo Machamp, lulz).  She brought it over to my house and taught me how to play.  I loved the game!  Her and I played for hours.  Eventually, I bought my own starter deck, and began buying packs of cards.  I’m not so sure how I heard about it, but Toys R’ Us held a Pokemon League every Saturday morning.  Now here is something you should know.  Like I said earlier, I wasn’t involved in sports.  I played videogames alot.  I wasn’t exactly anti-social, but I was pretty shy and really didn’t get out much.  My mom and dad encouraged me to go try out for basketball, because it was a sport my father and I enjoyed playing together.  When I got to the try outs, all the kids were alot bigger then me.  I was pretty intimidated, and scared.  I didn’t want to do it.  I knew they would just act like the kids at school and make fun of me and pick on me.  I left in tears with my mom before trying out.  My parents took notice in my interest in Pokemon, and being the wonderful parents they were, supported and encouraged my decision to want to go to Pokemon.  My mom actually had me teach her how to play.  So, one fateful Saturday morning, my mom took me to Toys R Us bright and early.  There were about 30 or 40 kids there when we got there.  Alot of them looked like me, really dorky.  Alot of kids were really shy like myself.  At first I was very hesitant to talk to anyone, but I soon realized I would never be able to play this game without talking to anyone.  I think I probably played one or two games that day.  The last game I played was against this kid Alberto.  He was the big shit at the Pokemon league, no one had ever beat him, and everyone always crowded around to watch his matches and cheer him on.  Honestly, he wasn’t that good, but he was for that league.  And he was better then me at the time, he beat me, and wasn’t very nice to me either.  Despite not talking to too many people, and being mercilessly beaten by Alberto, I had a good time, and continued to go.  To sum this story up, I got good at Pokemon.  Real good.  I soon beat Alberto, and I was the unbeatable one.  I was very popular at my Pokemon League and was well respected in a way I suppose.  I helped people make decks and develop strategies.  I welcomed shy new comers, and made sure that they met everyone on their first day of league.  Made it so they’d feel welcomed and want to come back.  This was what started it, I was finally coming out of my shell!!  Soon the teasing and picking on at school didn’t bother me so much..

Dennis Rogers- The Punk Rock Hero

So with my new found semi-confidence, I was on the road to being a cool kid…but not quite yet.  I wasn’t friendless, but I was still picked on and my “friends” didn’t stick up for me.  They just laughed along or at times joined in.  Then, the new kid came.  One thing you have to understand about Green Bank and the kids who attended Green Bank Elementary- it was a small town, everyone knew each other, and everyone was a red neck for the most part.  There weren’t many fashionable kids at Green Bank Elementary, it was pretty cookie cutter.  All the guys wore shirts that resembled the legendary three wolf moon shirt and the girls all bought their clothes from Limited Too.  That was the hot shit then.  Country music, and whatever the few radio stations that we got in out here played, was all that anyone listened to.  The new kid, changed all of that.  Dennis Rogers saved my life (okay a little over dramatic).  He walked into school wearing a shirt with some rabbit on it that said “Blink 182”.  He was wearing baggy pants that I heard some refer to “skater pants”.  He had thick black rimmed glasses, and was wearing these spikey leather bracelets that he purchased at this store called Hot Topic (and that store was taboo).  He had a bad rap before he even came to our school.  I hated him.  I thought he looked and dressed funny.  But the kids who picked on me, didn’t start shit with Dennis.  Actually, nobody did.  At the same time, nobody really bothered with him at all.  He was kind of a loner.  The teachers always encouraged me to befriend the new kids, I guess because they thought I was the most friendly kid in the class, so I always got paired with new kids.  I don’t remember how, but somewhere along the lines, Dennis kind of took me under his wing for some reason.  We had nothing in common.  He hated videogames.  I hated music.  He hated the conservative look that I presented everyday in my dress.  I hated his baggy pants and spike bracelets.  But we learned from each other.  I started to dress differently.  Not like him at all, I was way too afraid to venture into that store they called Hot Topic, but I started to wear “cooler” clothes.  I stopped combing my hair over, and started spiking it.  I began listening to music.  And I started acting how I did at Pokemon league, in every other area of my life.  By 8th grade I was a social butterfly.  I went from class geek, to class clown!  I actually was the prince at our 8th grade dance.  What a turn around.  Oh yea, and everyone who picked fights with me, left me alone now.  Dennis smoked cigarettes and one day beat up this kid for screwing with his girlfriend.  Bad ass.

The Sickness

So, I am kind of all over the place with this, trying to keep chronological order, but I have to back track here.  I guess it was the end of my 6th grade year, maybe beginning of my 7th.  I don’t remember exactly when, but I remember the day in detail.  My mom and I picked my dad up from work.  In the car ride home they told me that my dad was diagnosed with cancer, but assured me everything would be okay and he’d get better.  The weather was kind of strange that day, not rainy, but overcast. Not cold at all but not t-shirt weather.  I didn’t fully understand the impact of what my parents just told me.  After they told me we all went out to dinner, and then stopped by the river by our house.  It was weird because I had never been there with my parents before.  But we stopped there and got out and talked about how nice the river looked.  Time went on, eventually my dad got sick enough where we had to stop working.  Right before he got too sick to go out, we had one final family outing.  We got a hotel and spent the weekend in Seacaucus, New Jersey for a huge Pokemon tournament.  There were 3,000 kids just in my age division!  I faired well, placing 157 out of the 3,000 + kids in my age bracket.  My mom and dad watched every game I played, and even though it was just Pokemon, I could tell they were proud of me.  After this weekend, we got a hospital bed put in our house where my dad stayed for the remainder of his sickness.  We still hung out and had a great time, it was just confined to my living room.  Right before my dad passed, we put on a Christmas play at my school.  He never missed a Christmas play ever.  He came to my school in a wheel chair and oxygen tank and sat front row to cheer me on.  I think I was a reindeer in this play.  I may not have thought of it then, but I was so lucky to have a dad (and mom) who always supported me, and came out to the events I participated in.  On January 1, 2002 my dad passed away.  I don’t want anyone to think that I wrote this section about my dad as a way to cope with it, I am okay with it, and I have most certainly come to terms with my loss.  But I am writing about my life, and this is obviously a big part of my life.  Anyway, onto the next part…

The Pilgrimage

Before my dad passed away, we had all discussed as a family to not send me to the public highschool (Oakcrest).  After his passing, Pilgrim Academy was the choice we landed on.  I graduated 8th grade 5 months after my dads death, and went onto highschool.  I was nervous, very nervous.  After my dad died, I wasn’t the same old Devon right away.  I would get panic attacks alot, and this was certainly the case when I started going to Pilgrim.  I think I spent the first two weeks in the nurses office sick from the panic attacks I’d have.  Eventually, I got over the initial shock of being in a new school, with new people.  Some of the first friends I made there- Mikey, Nathan, Kelly, Donovan, and Aaron.  I was well liked at Pilgrim.  During my Sophomore  year, I got mono.  I missed three months at school.  My panic attacks got increasingly worse over this period of time.  I guess the stress of losing my dad and then being locked in my house with mono for an extended period of time pushed me over the edge.  I couldn’t go out to eat, not even at a McDonald’s, without getting an attack.  And it was bad.  The only way I could get over the attack would be to completely remove myself from the situation.  If not, I’d vomit, and possibly pass out (I never pushed it that far).   When I returned to school, I dealt with these attacks randomly during class.  Anytime I went to take a test I’d get one.  Certain social settings would trigger it.  It sucked, alot.  As I had just come out of my shell, I felt like I was being forced back into it and there was nothing I could do about it.

Hello Ladies….

So I had never had a girlfriend.  I had never been kissed.  Besides those silly pre-k boyfriend/girlfriend things no one counts.  I had various crushes over the years that all led to disappointment or me having the feeling of  being “screwed over”.  What can I say, I was an “emo” child.  The summer leading into my junior year, I decided to grow out my hair.  Who knew thats all it took?  I met Krys, who became my first girlfriend, and my first kiss!  Go get em Dev!  I’ll spare the details of our relationship, and all of my following relationships, I don’t wish to ramble, and maybe I can save all that for another time.  Krys took me to my first local show at the Brigintine Church.  Woot!  I was still dealing with my panic attacks, but getting over them.  After Krys and I broke up, I dated, alot. I was not single for very long at all lasting from my Junior year in highschool, to almost my junior year in college. Yikes! I know this has nothing to do with women, but right before I met Krys, I started playing guitar.  Just an aside.

Return to normalcy

My senior year, I was practically cured of my panic disorder.  I could take tests without freaking out, I could participate in social events, and I had no problem going out to restaurants.  Something clicked inside of me, and I was back to normal Devon!  I had started a band with some friends.  We were called Ten For Cheating.  We played our first show at the EHT Highschool Coffee House.  This was such an awesome experience for me.  I was introduced to a whole new crowd of people outside of Green Bank, outside of Pilgrim, outside of Pokemon League.  And because of that night, I have many of the friends I have today!

Growing up, and getting out..er…sort of..

I know its cliche, but graduating highschool was one of my proudest moments.  It was really fun!  And I felt so accomplished.  It was the culmination of thirteen years of hard work (and suffering) .  I had been through alot in four short years, and I came out on top.  From Pilgrim I went on to be a big bad college kid at…….Atlantic Cape Community College.  Woo.  Lackluster I know, I had no major, and no goals.  I spent three years time there before saying “peace off” to the college life.

The Brady Bunch

Back to my love life.  I am sort of losing track of time right now.  But I want to say I was a freshman in college.  And it was Black Friday.  That was the day I can say that I met the only girl I have ever been in love with.  It was an instant attraction.  She was with a mutual friend Stacy in the mall.  I was taken aback right away.   Via ways of social networking (and a little help from Stacy), Megan and I were set up.  We hit it off instantly, and I fell fast and hard for her.  She was beautiful, and motivated.  She got along great with her parents (something my previous relationships lacked for the most part) and was involved in various school activities such as drama.  And when she introduced me to her family, I was just as in love with them as her.  They were/are great people.  I instantly felt welcome in their home.  And it was so nice hanging out with her dad, I had a father figure back in my life!  There is so much to write about Megan and myself here, I don’t know what to say.  She was a huge part of my life.  After about a year and a half, Megan and I split.  We are great friends still, and her family still makes me feel just as welcomed when I see them.  I miss her and them all dearly, but I am glad I can still be part of the Brady crew, even if its not the same as it was.

The here and now

Alright, so I skipped ALOT of stuff and danced around alot of details, but that kind of sums of it.  It has been almost 2 years since Megan.  I’ve been single for the most part.  Dated a model for 2 months, that was kind of cool.  I am still playing guitar, AND POKEMON CARDS!  I love the game to death, and I love the kids it draws to it.  I went to Pokemon League at Jester’s Playhouse for a while. Alot of the younger kids there reminded me of myself when I was their age.  I plan to continue being an active Pokemon player, maybe being some sort of role model to kids to look up to.  I no longer go to school, but not being in school has made me realize where I want to be- and that is, school!  Financial hardship has befallen my mom and me.  We work hard to try and pay the bills, and will eventually get out of the hole we are in.  Oh yeah, and I am a manager at Hot Topic now.  Haha. Funny how everything has worked out.   So that’s me!  Devon Michael Buskirk, about to be 22 year old American citizen currently residing in Lower Bank, New Jersey.  I will be keeping this page updated with more stuff about me.  I plan on doing cd reviews, stuff about Pokemon, and stuff about videogames, just cuz I can!  I hope you took the time to read this, and I’m sorry if it was long and boring, you can leave me some hate mail if it was :p